Meaning of in holy orders in English:

in holy orders


  • Having the status of an ordained member of the clergy.

    ‘his friend in holy orders’
    • ‘The Church in England has already relaxed its celibacy rules by allowing married Anglican priests to convert and remain in holy orders.’
    • ‘But the laity should understand that doctrinal teaching, pastoral governance, and liturgical leadership are tasks ordinarily reserved to persons in holy orders, especially the pope and bishops.’
    • ‘For the first six centuries of its existence, Cambridge, like Oxford, was a seminary, and until 1871 fellows were required to be celibates in holy orders.’
    • ‘In the world of the Catholic brother or sister in holy orders, both marriage and sexual fulfillment have been renounced in favor of a higher good.’
    • ‘Men like these probably did not belong in a convent, or arguably in holy orders at all.’
    • ‘They don't have the luxury of a monk's vocation, the glorious lack of responsibility that a life in holy orders gives you.’
    • ‘The trouble was that despite being in holy orders they were easily tempted by the sins of the flesh.’