Meaning of in hot pursuit in English:

in hot pursuit

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  • Following closely and eagerly.

    ‘There were reports he had gone inside and to the astonishment of hospital staff, armed police soon followed in hot pursuit.’
    • ‘I follow in hot pursuit and we manage to get the kite off the ground.’
    • ‘Walters followed in hot pursuit before finally catching up with his victim in a traffic jam.’
    • ‘The mob however followed in hot pursuit and soon had him pinned down.’
    • ‘They hold a big party in his honour and after his photo gets printed in the paper, the prison guards follow in hot pursuit.’
    • ‘You see, I've been in hot pursuit of my target for a couple of weeks now.’
    • ‘The guy runs off into the roiling crowd, staff in hot pursuit.’
    • ‘Allen Shamrock went a couple of lengths clear up the back straight with Lenny's Friend and Dale Inferno in hot pursuit.’
    • ‘Maraj and Charles continued in hot pursuit and eventually caught up to William near Volney's Gas Station.’
    • ‘Brave Trooper Joey Doe has no choice but to speed his cruiser in hot pursuit, gunning the engine to dizzying speeds along suburban street.’