Meaning of in its totality in English:

in its totality

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  • As a whole.

    ‘a deeper exploration of life in its totality’
    • ‘The sovereign creates and guarantees the situation as a whole in its totality.’
    • ‘But you haven't read the book in its totality and you have to read the book in its totality.’
    • ‘Which, in its totality, made for wonderful theatre.’
    • ‘But the film, combining the theme of adoption and the refugee problem in Sri Lanka, appears to have satisfied audiences in its totality.’
    • ‘First, they fail to inspect the current movement of capital in its totality or in its essence, instead fastening upon just one of its phenomenal forms: brands.’
    • ‘This is the first time that this is being enacted in its totality within the prison over a period of three days, though a day-long performance was held last year.’
    • ‘Reality may be socially constructed, but, taken in its totality, it is not the work of any nameable individual and it certainly has little or nothing to do with any one of us.’
    • ‘What we need is for all of this evidence to be allowed in all at once because when you take it in its totality there is no denying you have an innocent man in prison.’
    • ‘Adorno's case for Cubist painting illustrates how the object can only be understood in its totality once it has fallen from its unity and reduced to fragments.’
    • ‘That, in its totality, is life; it is not life if one somnambulates through the whole thing, or tries to stay young forever, or mature quickly.’