Meaning of in kind in English:

in kind

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  • 1In the same way; with something similar.

    ‘if he responded positively, they would respond in kind’
    • ‘Only the possibility that she might be a member of my congregation prevented me from responding in kind.’
    • ‘He was about to become engaged to a maiden named Luscinda, whom he had loved since childhood and who returned his feelings in kind.’
    • ‘In kind, I ask him to withdraw and apologise because I do not like his claiming that I am a stooge of anyone else.’
    • ‘I was finding it difficult to respond in kind to his teasing.’
    • ‘Johnson took King's attack as a declaration of war and responded in kind.’
    • ‘Other people's viciousness, gossip, and vengefulness are no excuse for you to respond in kind.’
    • ‘Treat the players right, and they will respond in kind.’
    • ‘And he responded to me in kind last night saying that he understood that and that it was an attack against him.’
    • ‘The least that can be done is to take him seriously and to respond in kind.’
    • ‘People got up and told stories about my mom and she replied in kind.’
  • 2(of payment) in goods or services as opposed to money.

    ‘Most transactions between Bell and the company were work for payment in kind rather than for cash.’
    • ‘Some nations responded instantly by pledging emergency aid in money and in kind.’
    • ‘Muslims are instructed by the Koran to give to the poor in money or in kind on a regular basis.’
    • ‘For this, he had to perform a very heavy burden of services, and pay some money and some rents in kind.’
    • ‘It does not have to be money, people can donate time or things in kind.’
    • ‘They held these manors upon condition of rendering the king service in person, or in kind, or in money.’
    • ‘To raise money he would lead Swindon bikers en masse around the town collecting money and donations in kind to give to charity.’
    • ‘Economists answer that generally a gift in kind has less value than a cash gift because it has restrictions.’
    • ‘Drugs have themselves become currency - payment in kind where cash is unavailable and relatively worthless.’
    • ‘It is understood part of the payment companies will make may be in kind rather than cash.’