Meaning of in lamb in English:

in lamb


  • (of a ewe) pregnant.

    ‘ewes in lamb are marked with blue paint’
    • ‘The ewes in lamb are being moved to safer paddocks beyond the museum, while the goats and the pony have been found temporary homes.’
    • ‘I am an ex-farmer, and was very surprised to see ewes heavy in lamb being mustered.’
    • ‘Alas, poachers have again struck in Kwelera and just a few mornings ago a bush buck ewe, in lamb, was found just at the back door of a neighbour.’
    • ‘Marauding dogs massacred ewes in lamb in Aramoho at the weekend.’
    • ‘Therefore all ewes could be safely in lamb by day 47 after the ram joins the flock.’
    • ‘Now a fully-grown ram, registered as D' Artagnan, with the pet name Harry, he will be heading south with his ‘girlfriend’ Amanda Jane, who is in lamb, to take up residence on the Royal farm.’
    • ‘In the biggest raid, 348 sheep were taken from a farm at Aislaby, near Whitby early on Wednesday morning; 251 of them were in lamb.’
    • ‘Hikers and dogs can also cause stress to ewes, which are heavy in lamb at this time of the year.’
    • ‘If they are not in lamb by that stage there is something wrong.’
    • ‘The rest of the flock are heavily in lamb but I won't be expecting any offspring as they are badly injured.’