Meaning of in layman's terms in English:

in layman's terms

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  • Phrased so as to be easily understood, without the use of technical or obscure terms.

    ‘the seminar will be presented in layman's terms’
    • ‘This work is described in layman's terms in the article.’
    • ‘He loves his job, and he wants to explain in layman's terms the sport's technical side.’
    • ‘For the general public who are intrigued by the mysterious aspects of this practice and its lineage, an explanation in layman's terms will be offered.’
    • ‘To put it in layman's terms, it is just not as funny as it used to be.’
    • ‘What this means in layman's terms is that on average, company values are about 38% lower now than they were 4 years ago.’
    • ‘I had forgotten having told the builder they should be separate from the main contract, or in layman's terms, that I would be "buying them myself".’
    • ‘They will explain things in layman's terms and work with you to not only help you reach the top but understand how you got there as well.’
    • ‘The surgery treated a superior labrum anterior-posterior lesion, which in layman's terms is a type of cyst which caused a build-up of fluid around the nerves in her right shoulder.’
    • ‘While the book is not exactly written in laymen's terms, anyone who has the confidence to select their own stocks should be able to understand its concepts with no problem.’