Meaning of in need of in English:

in need of

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  • Needing (something)

    ‘he was in desperate need of medical care’
    • ‘The shop is also in need of good quality items to sell such as clothes, books and bric-a-brac.’
    • ‘Of course the finance industry is not the only place in need of of some house cleaning.’
    • ‘The central concepts of this work remain disputed and in need of close scholarly argument.’
    • ‘This underfunding means buildings, streets and pavements are all in need of repair.’
    • ‘The contract will pave the way for more patients in need of urgent treatment to be seen on the NHS.’
    • ‘Her drama classes attract budding actors and also youngsters in need of a confidence boost.’
    • ‘Few topics in education are more important or more urgently in need of reform.’
    • ‘I'm definitely in need of a break and my forthcoming week off is much anticipated.’
    • ‘I am due to retire next year and will be able to offer my services to the many groups that are in need of volunteers.’
    • ‘We were both in need of a vacation so we decided to come back to St Lucia for the sun, sea and sand.’
    • ‘The church at Eldroth had been used as a school and was in need of redecoration and refurbishment.’
    • ‘The house was in need of a serious clean sure enough, and I've spent much of the day catching up.’
    • ‘Yet I feel in need of a cool drink at the end of an unbelievably stressful week.’
    • ‘Sir, I am sure that I am not alone in feeling that Council Tax is unfair and in need of reform.’
    • ‘The three-bedroom house comprises 102 square metres of accommodation and is in need of refurbishment.’
    • ‘In addition, say the consultants, the facility is in need of major refurbishment.’
    • ‘The walls were stained and the floor was in dire need of repair.’
    • ‘The resulting funding slowdown comes as Michigan schools are in dire need of repair.’
    • ‘People in urgent need of money and eager to make quick profits are lured into them.’
    • ‘The five bedroom property is in need of refurbishment, yet it has potential.’