Meaning of in one's favour in English:

in one's favour


  • To one's advantage.

    ‘events were moving in his favour’
    • ‘They eventually paid the price but the home side could only add a penalty when the numeric advantage stood in their favour.’
    • ‘This gives us something we can use in our favour, a huge advantage.’
    • ‘I expect a numerical advantage to be in our favour for today's derby, though.’
    • ‘For my part, I quite like spiders, too, as long as the size advantage remains in my favour.’
    • ‘He had all the advantages in his favour, and for what they were offering me it wasn't worth it.’
    • ‘There is also a good freshness about the team as well which hopefully will all work in our favour.’
    • ‘Finally at the fourth attempt the case was heard, the court found in my favour and appropriate compensation was awarded.’
    • ‘The fact that her looks go against the convention seems to work in her favour.’
    • ‘If it turns ugly, your efforts to play fair will weigh heavily in your favor.’
    • ‘Sometimes life isn't fair - but sometimes it's unfair in your favour.’
    advantageous, beneficial, of benefit, in one's favour, on one's side, helpful, good, right, conducive, convenient, suitable, fit, fitting, appropriate