Meaning of in one's own time in English:

in one's own time

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  • 1also in one's own good timeAt a time and a rate decided by oneself.

    ‘the desire of the child to be free to do things, to create in his own way and in his own time’
    • ‘Instead, they would do well to find an occupation that doesn't depend for its pursuit on the patronage of the young - writing, gardening, anything that you can do on your own and in your own good time.’
    • ‘Mrs Rafferty said indifferently, ‘I reckon you'll tell me in your own good time.’’
    • ‘It doesn't require a brilliant business brain to work out that the best possible scenario for Texaco would be to get vacant possession and deal with Mr Mulvey in their own good time and on their terms.’
    • ‘If kids are developing their own techno-literacy in their own good time, then shouldn't education be about giving them some deep and profound ideas about what to do with all these 21st century skills?’
    • ‘Even better, lay them gently on the ground, and let them come to in their own good time.’
    • ‘Many specialist shops sell vouchers allowing the recipient to make a selection in their own good time.’
    • ‘We will proceed in a logical sequence, in our own good time, and with a reasonable amount of money spent each year over many years.’
    • ‘It's my decision and I have made it in my own good time and not as a result of any undue pressure.’
    • ‘Fitzgerald will let us know where he thinks the truth lies in his own good time.’
    • ‘My only comfort is knowing that he will deal with them all in his own good time.’
  • 2US on one's own timeOutside working hours; without being paid.

    ‘I painted mostly in my own time’
    • ‘Most departments required them to complete the survey on their own time, outside of work.’
    • ‘You can take courses on your own schedule, you can do it on your own time - all of that has tremendous appeal to students who are older, students with jobs and families.’
    • ‘I don't dispute an employer's right to tell you what to do during work hours, and I suppose they have the right to contract for control over even the opinions you express on your own time.’
    • ‘I think it's a basic American right that, when you leave the workplace, when you punch out, you're on your own time.’
    • ‘In addition to the sewing they've done on their own time, the quilt volunteers have been joining their efforts two evenings each month at the historical society's Fulton House headquarters in New Derry.’
    • ‘Kids were kicked out of athletics, expelled from school, tested, forced into treatment and community service, and even jailed for having a quiet beer on their own time.’
    • ‘Berkeley students aren't getting written homework assignments because teachers are refusing to grade work on their own time after two years with no pay raise.’
    • ‘And in a comment sure to set off a firestorm, Kaplan said faculty should attend professional conferences on their own time.’
    • ‘Are staff permitted to use your power boats on their own time?’
    • ‘‘If he does it on his own time and does not compromise his official duties in some way, I don't see the problem,’ the judge said in an e-mail message.’