Meaning of in order to do something in English:

in order to do something


  • With the purpose or intention of doing something.

    ‘he slouched into his seat in order to avoid drawing attention to himself’
    • ‘This creates a problem for a company that needs to maximise its profits in order to grow.’
    • ‘It is an individual sport where you have to handle the pressure in order to succeed.’
    • ‘Also, do you need to have a credit history with a bank in order to take out a loan?’
    • ‘It is also expected to shed jobs through natural wastage in order to keep costs down.’
    • ‘Then there is the huge number of people who have borrowed to the hilt in order to secure a home.’
    • ‘I set up this blog in order to keep my friends and family informed of my time in Hanoi.’
    • ‘Previously they had to find a job and apply for a work permit in order to stay in this country.’
    • ‘I pay road tax and other taxes in order to use the highway and this is now being denied.’
    • ‘We have velux windows in the office and in order to see out we have to scrape the snow off them.’
    • ‘Users must set up an online account in order to view, save and print documents.’