Meaning of in outline in English:

in outline


  • In broad terms.

    ‘the plan has been agreed in outline’
    • ‘So that, briefly in outline, is what we're going to do.’
    • ‘The arguments for this view are complex and difficult to summarise briefly, but in outline are as follows.’
    • ‘The proposals, which have been submitted in outline form to City of York Council, include 720 new homes in buildings up to seven storeys high.’
    • ‘Anyone who wants to be taken seriously as a prophet of alternative ways of doing things has got to be able to tell us how their Utopia would work in practice - at least in outline.’
    • ‘The story in outline sounds intriguingly rich with possibility; in execution, it fails to convince or to move.’
    • ‘Indeed, in outline it may sound worthy and didactic, grim but Good For You, but the reality is very different.’
    • ‘The evidence against them has only been given in outline in public.’
    • ‘One could go on, but the points, both for and against, have been made in outline.’
    • ‘The planning permission is only in outline and does not have to include what will be built on the land.’
    • ‘The purpose of this introductory chapter is to convey the ‘feel’ of the criminal law, in outline, so that it may be developed in the succeeding chapters.’