Meaning of in quick succession in English:

in quick succession


(also in rapid succession)
  • Following one another at short intervals.

    ‘the area suffered two floods in quick succession’
    • ‘Numerous other hit songs were to follow in rapid succession.’
    • ‘This was followed in rapid succession by a letter informing me that the card had been cancelled due to non-payment.’
    • ‘The acts followed in quick succession, mostly performing two or three songs each.’
    • ‘Before any of them could crawl out of the back of the truck to see what the desert fox had seen, they heard a muffled boom followed by several more in rapid succession.’
    • ‘The light-heavy weights, heavy weights, and super heavy weights followed in rapid succession.’
    • ‘In the middle of the century, one assassinated emperor followed another in rapid succession as army officers changed their allegiances.’
    • ‘The sound was followed in rapid succession by three other loud noises, and the breaking of glass.’
    • ‘Many printed editions with maps followed in quick succession, and newly discovered lands were soon included.’
    • ‘Several girls' schools opened in rapid succession.’
    • ‘Adrenalin coursed through my veins as I realised how surreal the whole thing was, meeting people off the internet in rapid succession.’