Meaning of in relation to in English:

in relation to

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  • In the context of; in connection with.

    ‘there is an ambiguity in the provisions in relation to children's hearings’
    • ‘It is the provision in relation to danger to the public safety or to the peace which was relied on in both cases.’
    • ‘That seems to me to be a perfectly proper direction in relation to the provision.’
    • ‘A preliminary reference can be made in relation to three types of subject matter.’
    • ‘I will let him make his own application in relation to that, but it will be resisted in due course.’
    • ‘Would you just concentrate on the time in relation to which you gave the answer.’
    • ‘They fixed their policy in relation to that of the home market and home government.’
    • ‘That is all you could be asked to provide by way of evidence in relation to that.’
    • ‘We think it right to construe it in relation to what one would normally think of as legal costs.’
    • ‘The next item that is criticised is the instructions of counsel in relation to that.’
    • ‘We do not see why they cannot be a relevant factor in relation to this issue as well.’
    regarding, concerning, with reference to, referring to, with regard to, with respect to, respecting, relating to, in relation to, on, touching on, dealing with, relevant to, with relevance to, in the context of, connected with, on the subject of, in the matter of, apropos, re