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in season

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  • 1(of a fruit, vegetable, or other food) grown or available at the time of year in question.

    ‘buy fruit and vegetables that are in season’
    • ‘A sign can explain what the variety is, where it comes from, how to prepare it, and even when it's in season.’
    • ‘Sixty years ago, orange juice came either freshly squeezed in season or canned.’
    • ‘The petits pois above all else were as green, as tender and as delicious as those eaten in season.’
    • ‘When Brussels Sprouts are in season but fussy eaters refuse to try them, hide them in stir frys and casseroles in place of others green vegies.’
    • ‘You've gotta love a chef who cooks vegetables that are in season.’
    • ‘Fruits such as dates and melon are eaten in season.’
    • ‘The strawberries actually had the miraculous perfume of local berries grown in season and little buttery croutons of fried brioche added another interesting crunch.’
  • 2(of a female mammal) ready to mate.

    ‘this system of communication works very well, especially when a female is in season’
    • ‘The scientists use the sterile lion as a "teaser" to determine which females are "in season" and ready to inseminate.’
    • ‘Mares tend to be 'in season' the first part of the year.’
    • ‘I think having stimulated the females to come in season, we actually had two calves this year.’
    • ‘When the female's in season the male will come around, they'll get together, he'll go off again and she'll get on with having the cubs.’
    • ‘Results showed that mares came in season more frequently in the days following full moon.’
  • 3 archaic At the right or proper time.

    ‘they arrive in season for the meeting’
    • ‘When guests arrive in season, a pleasanter evening is assured, and it shows a regard for the wishes of the hostess.’