Meaning of in service in English:

in service


  • 1In or available for use.

    ‘the plane is the most advanced fighter in service today’
    • ‘It is not uncommon to have guns produced for America's previous wars in service today.’
    • ‘But it should be remembered that for the first two and a half years of the war they were far in advance of anything in service in any other nation.’
    • ‘The LCH class now has the distinction of being in commission longer than any other ship still in service.’
    • ‘Six of the ships have been delivered and are in service in Asia-European services.’
    • ‘One lift was taken out of service for replacement; the other was left in service.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, after 27 years, there will be no supersonic planes in service for commercial airlines after tonight.’
    • ‘The Heritage Lottery Fund is to put the cash towards the cost of getting the Vulcan bomber back in service for air shows.’
    • ‘It is not expected to be in service until late spring.’
    • ‘Firstly, buses in service obviously need extra journey time.’
    • ‘She said they had hoped to have had the new ambulance in service before now but the conversion had taken longer than had been expected.’
  • 2 dated Employed as a servant.

    • ‘poor children worked in service’