Meaning of in silico in English:

in silico

Pronunciation /ɪn ˈsɪlɪkəʊ/


  • (of scientific experiments or research) conducted or produced by means of computer modelling or computer simulation.

    ‘in silico analysis of the human genome’
    • ‘This in silico approach would be helpful in ranking textile dyes of the different classes based on their binding affinities.’
    • ‘In silico strategies can be used to investigate the potential roles of a mutation on, for instance, protein stability.’
    • ‘In silico propagation of the charged particles yielded passage time values that are compatible with the measured average passage time of ions.’
    • ‘In silico experiments can now be done on a wide variety of systems without the practical limitations that one may face in experimental approaches.’
    • ‘In silico analyses were completed to provide information about the possible cellular location of the protein.’
    • ‘In silico results corroborated published laboratory findings.’
    • ‘In silico analysis is not straight-forward either, but presents a necessary extension to current in vitro methods.’
    • ‘In silico screening of the available genome sequences corroborated results.’
    • ‘We examine the essence by reconstituting it in silico.’
    • ‘This enables us to replicate cells in silico: we can simulate an increasing population of cells.’


  • By means of computer modelling or computer simulation.

    • ‘students who are too squeamish to dissect a frog can perform the procedure in silico’


1980s Latin, literally ‘in silicon’ (with reference to the use of silicon chips in computer systems), on the pattern of in vitro and in vivo.