Meaning of in someone's black books in English:

in someone's black books


  • In disfavour with someone.

    • ‘Jake, our Shetland ram, is in my black books at the moment because, true to type, he will keep ramming Molly's goat hut.’
    • ‘I have to stay in her black books as far as this question is concerned.’
    • ‘But if I reported the call, and it was genuine, then the spooks would have me in their black books forever, as someone whom the Soviets had at some time felt they had good reason to deal with.’
    • ‘Needless to say his comments did not go well with the administrators and from then on he was in their black books.’
    • ‘After having been in my black books I tried them for a year, and wrote some good volume biz… alas, they are sooooo back in the bad books.’
    • ‘That was the first of many misdemeanors which got me in his black books.’
    • ‘Asked whether he believes that such businessmen were good role models, he takes the diplomatic route: ‘I'm very nervous to name their names, because I'm already in their black books.’’