Meaning of in someone's hair in English:

in someone's hair


  • Annoying or causing inconvenience to someone.

    • ‘I've really enjoyed working on the piece, but I'm very, very glad to get it out of my hair, at least temporarily…’
    • ‘I was sort of glad to get these guys out of my hair for a few hours, a day or two.’
    • ‘Her parents were probably more than glad to get her out of their hair.’
    • ‘You have just fast-tracked this to get us out of your hair.’’
    • ‘So there should be plenty of room to build that addition you'll want to keep those crazy teenage martyrs out of your hair.’
    • ‘With this note she would probably not want to come home early, but I'm going to stay out of your hair, I promise!’
    • ‘‘As long as the youngsters are out of their hair, parents don't care.’’
    • ‘The wired bedroom works well for parents who want to keep their kids pacified and out of their hair, but it offers too many nocturnal temptations for even the most disciplined of students.’
    • ‘They can't wait to get rid of you, put you out of their home, get you to return home, stop you from calling them all the time, just get you out of their hair someway by hook or crook.’
    • ‘Mum and Dad were especially excited to send me to my first school camp - I thought they were pleased to see me growing up, not keen to get me out of their hair for a week.’
    annoy, irritate, gall, irk, pique, needle, nettle, bother, vex, provoke, displease, offend, affront, upset, anger, exasperate, disgruntle, ruffle, put someone's back up, get on someone's nerves, make someone's hackles rise, raise someone's hackles