Meaning of in someone's keeping in English:

in someone's keeping


  • In someone's care or custody.

    ‘in their keeping were some of the oldest songs of the tribe’
    • ‘He was kind to animals and ensured quality care for them while they were in his keeping.’
    • ‘Northern Ireland were the last winners of this sadly defunct competition and the elaborate silver cup is in their keeping.’
    • ‘I'm sure that two slightly dodgy copies of eighteenth-century portraits and casts of busts of Sir Walter and Napoleon would be quite safe in my keeping.’
    • ‘A business that failed to set aside the appropriate insurance premiums for such risks would rightly be considered to be endangering the wealth-producing assets in its keeping.’
    • ‘The question remains: how should museum curators and historians interpret those trophies of cultural imperialism that remain in their keeping?’
    • ‘She must be having fits now that she knows I have you in my keeping.’
    • ‘Now I wanted it in my keeping even less, and my face must have shown this.’
    • ‘They're in my keeping for the moment, but actually belong to other knitters.’
    • ‘The cramped interior has created several problems for him, not least of which is the inability to display a significant proportion of the items in his keeping.’
    • ‘Lady Wishfort, who now hates Mirabell, will deprive her niece of the half of the inheritance which is in her keeping if Millamant marries Mirabell.’