Meaning of in someone's lap in English:

in someone's lap


  • As someone's responsibility.

    ‘she dumped the problem in my lap’
    • ‘Furthermore, this type of reporting, linked to a lack of reporting the opposition views, clearly lays the responsibility in your lap.’
    • ‘They do come and dump their problems in your lap and expect you to solve them.’
    • ‘That's just a timid bureaucrat trying to unload a problem that got dumped in his lap.’
    • ‘Some tools help create code, some help debug code and some help reverse engineer code that's been dumped in your lap.’
    • ‘Then the site coordinators wouldn't have this dumped in their lap.’
    • ‘But listen: what could be worse than having something like this drop in your lap and nobody cares?’
    • ‘This is a classic form of advertising that makes a lot of sense; something falls in your lap and you have no choice but to take notice.’
    • ‘Sitting on a tractor in the middle of winter with three inches of snow in your lap must be one of those times when you wonder if you really want to run your own business.’
    • ‘Too often, we just get in the habit of taking on all the work that gets dropped in our lap, but that isn't always the wisest or most efficient way to get the job done.’
    • ‘Apparently, in our attempt to do proper and legal business with them, they decided to dump their scams in our lap.’