Meaning of in stocking feet in English:

in stocking feet


(also in one's stocking feet)
  • Without shoes.

    ‘they are going to have the entire team in stocking feet for the next two games’
    • ‘she stood five feet ten in her stockinged feet’
    • ‘I stand four feet eleven in my stockinged feet.’
    • ‘John, Director of Finance, Property & Business Affairs says: ‘Six feet 11 inches in his stockinged feet, Chris was never an easy man to overlook.’’
    • ‘He stands 6.2 feet tall in his stockinged feet with broad muscular shoulders and wide hips.’
    • ‘When eating my breakfast the next morning I watched a succession of businessmen in expensive suits enter the dining room in their stockinged feet.’
    • ‘Within two weeks the little Frenchman, 5ft 1in in his stockinged feet, had fallen ill; within a month he was dead of pneumonia.’
    • ‘But the woman who stands 5ft 11 ins in her stockinged feet said there is only one thing she misses about the life that took her across Europe pushing fast cars and fancy frocks, ‘I must admit I do miss the perks - the expensive clothes and gifts.’’
    • ‘Getting up from the table, he made a beeline for Serena, noting she was in stockinged feet, her high-heeled shoes carried down by her side.’
    • ‘As the morning bleakness finally gives way to splatters of rain, family saloons pull up outside the ground and stiff-limbed footballers climb out before trudging, in stockinged feet, into the stadium.’
    • ‘The result is a rough, somewhat rumpled yet charming face, like a Renaissance aristocrat, unshaven and in stockinged feet, caught between the bedroom and the bath.’
    • ‘Most Saturday nights saw dances there, and enthusiasts would often walk to the beach and climb back up the steep track to town in stockinged feet.’