Meaning of in succession to in English:

in succession to

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  • Inheriting or elected to the place of.

    ‘he was elevated to the Lords in succession to his father’
    • ‘He was elected to the position, in succession to Cllr.’
    • ‘He is well known on the local circuits and in Ballina where his speciality was coverage of the Town Council on which he honed the journalistic talents that won him the prestigious editorial chair in succession to myself and Terry.’
    • ‘He added: ‘I have been here full-time for three and a half years as resident judge, in succession to Judge Tucker.’’
    • ‘It was that match that saw the emergence of the gifted Mauro Bergamasco at openside flanker in succession to the old warhorse, and captain, Massimo Giovanelli.’
    • ‘A man who collects dead animals from farms does so in succession to his father, who established the little business many moons ago.’
    • ‘Harold was crowned King of England in succession to Edward the Confessor.’
    • ‘James had been an architectural assistant to Hawksmoor and later surveyor at St Pauls in succession to Christopher Wren.’