Meaning of in tandem in English:

in tandem


  • 1Alongside each other.

    ‘a tight fiscal policy working in tandem with a tight foreign exchange policy’
    • ‘For this, the fast bowlers in a side should work in tandem, complementing each other's skills.’
    • ‘Some currency pairs move in tandem with each other, while others may be polar opposites.’
    • ‘I'd like to see her put forward positive policy in tandem with her accountability crusade.’
    • ‘The move was to come into effect in tandem with a policy to persuade car owners to shift from low-cost fuel to Pertamax.’
    • ‘However, they never were far from each other and worked better in tandem than alone.’
    • ‘In tandem with this we carried out a management review which had saved a substantial amount of money resulting in a net saving of £300,000.’
    • ‘‘In tandem with the tougher gun controls announced by the government this week, the amnesty will help get many guns off our streets which may otherwise be used in crime,’ said the man.’
    • ‘In tandem with its drive to strengthen the family and promote motherhood, the government sought to enforce paternal obligations.’
    • ‘They also ensured that the shows were full during the first week, often working in tandem with the promoters of the film for its success.’
    • ‘The regulatory authority and the law enforcement agencies should work in tandem to counter this problem.’
    1. 1.1One behind another.
      ‘there were two seats in tandem’
      • ‘Today she and I cycled in to work together most of the way; not on a tandem but in tandem.’
      • ‘This is in tandem with my earlier post about the New York Times article.’
      • ‘Under the road map, both sides are supposed to act in tandem, but progress has bogged down over who should make the next move.’
      • ‘Shares in the luxury goods market have been on the slide in recent weeks, in tandem with the dollar's depression.’
      • ‘Take three objects of identical mass and have them follow each other in tandem, tracing a figure eight in space.’
      • ‘I'd met Andrew at the cinema, both of us driving there from our separate top secret locations (he'd been working, surprise, surprise), so we had two cars and drove in tandem to Olive for dinner.’
      • ‘The first aeroplane of original design was a very powerful low wing monoplane with two seats in tandem.’
      • ‘The instructor and student sit in tandem on rocket-powered ejection seats in a pressurized, air-conditioned cockpit.’