Meaning of in that in English:

in that

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  • For the reason that.

    ‘I was fortunate in that I had friends’
    • ‘Rose was also fortunate in that he had an early start when there was no wind.’
    • ‘We have a problem in that there is a lack of places for this age group to go.’
    • ‘A pillar of the Kirk, he was also unique among journalists in that he hardly ever swore.’
    • ‘It will differ from normal halls of residence in that each bedroom will have its own front door.’
    • ‘It is also unusual in that the hoof on the fifth leg is divided into three, rather than the normal two.’
    • ‘He was lucky in that it didn't develop into anything else and he didn't have to go to hospital.’
    • ‘It's a concept album in that it tells a story - albeit with a rather lame twist at the end.’
    • ‘My sport is a bit like being a goalkeeper in that you have to be mentally strong.’
    • ‘In many ways they are three of a kind in that they are all touched with a little eccentricity.’
    • ‘The Lib Dems are an unusual party in that they start local and expand to the national.’