Meaning of in that case in English:

in that case

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  • If that is or will be the situation.

    ‘‘I'm free this evening.’ ‘In that case, why not have dinner with me?’’
    • ‘Wouldn't marriage guidance be better in that case than searing honesty?’
    • ‘Even your subjects, in that case, will be people who are similar to residents of Hong Kong.’
    • ‘So we see this enormous and aggressive response from the government in that case.’
    • ‘The solution in that case would be to take time off to recover fully and come back stronger.’
    • ‘He plays with serious emotion, and in that case, he let the emotion get the best of him.’
    • ‘Indeed, the death toll could have been even more horrible in that case.’
    • ‘You'd have no guarantees it would be reported fairly in that case either, do you?’
    • ‘As Mr Jones knows, that is a misrepresentation of what would happen in that case.’
    • ‘One of my cows died a while back, and in that case, the crows ate it up in a matter of hours.’
    • ‘The pandemic might actually be the least of the world's worries in that case.’