Meaning of in that event in English:

in that event

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  • If that happens.

    ‘in that event, the US would incline toward a lifting of the arms embargo’
    • ‘Council tax would increase by £75 in that event, says the County Councils Network which clearly favours giant unitary counties if re-organisation went ahead.’
    • ‘Specific proposals regarding sugar will not be presented by the commission before next June and, in that event, the most that will happen in the presidency is a first exchange of views.’
    • ‘Business can fail if adequate financial provisions are not in place to furnish a ready supply of cash, in that event, or if a key player in the business dies, leaving dependants.’
    • ‘Your power would turn itself against you in that event.’
    • ‘The analysis, in that event, would have waited until tomorrow or the day after, or else been allowed to stand side by side with fulsome sentiments of celebration.’
    • ‘Survival would not have been at all likely in that event.’
    • ‘That distinction is gone and if the pressure on the public sector becomes too great, it is clear that the State pension will suffer in that event.’
    • ‘I asked him what would he would regard as evidence that the policy of legalisation was not working and what he would do in that event.’