Meaning of in the affirmative in English:

in the affirmative

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  • So as to accept or agree to a statement or request.

    ‘he answered the question in the affirmative’
    • ‘I agree that that question must be answered in the affirmative; and that, accordingly, this appeal should be allowed.’
    • ‘Unable to offer a contrary view, this so-called investigation seems to answer these questions in the affirmative.’
    • ‘I am not especially optimistic about answering that question in the affirmative.’
    • ‘If the answer to any of these questions is in the affirmative, then may be you own a property with rich heritage value!’
    • ‘If these questions are answered in the affirmative, a lawsuit is born.’
    • ‘She tapped a few keys to confirm the reservations, and replied to the e-mail request in the affirmative.’
    • ‘Their Lordships answered the question in the affirmative.’
    • ‘However, I would answer that question also in the affirmative.’
    • ‘On one level, the last question can be answered in the affirmative.’
    • ‘I would answer each question in the affirmative and dismiss the appeal.’
    • ‘In the case of children, it may be easy to answer that question in the affirmative.’
    • ‘Taking the actions required to get you in the right position to answer in the affirmative might be worth your while.’
    • ‘A remarkable 25 percent of employees responded in the affirmative to this question.’
    • ‘And we hope they will answer in the affirmative in talking about the nation's future.’
    • ‘Maybe fewer than half of modern people can answer in the affirmative, due to their busy work schedules.’
    • ‘For the reasons set out above, I would answer that question in the affirmative, and as a consequence the other four questions simply do not arise.’
    • ‘I replied in the affirmative and he didn't question me any further on this point.’
    • ‘The answer, at least in some respects, is in the affirmative - with untold consequences lying in wait for us.’
    • ‘If he was being true to himself and his principles then the answer would have to be in the affirmative.’
    • ‘The partisans of the status quo don't hesitate to answer in the affirmative.’