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in the air

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  • Felt by a number of people to be happening or about to happen.

    ‘panic was in the air’
    • ‘you can tell there's an election in the air’
    • ‘Panic and terror could be smelt in the air and that sensation of worry clenched at his gut.’
    • ‘It is still not quite the real thing but it is getting closer, you can smell it in the air.’
    • ‘It is a bit more honest, I suppose, but means that there is no real magic in the air.’
    • ‘You feel a certain wrongness in the air and the hairs on the back of your neck stand up as unseen eyes watch you.’
    • ‘As the tower prepares to welcome the public again, there is a frisson of anxiety in the air.’
    • ‘If there was a clear sense of nervousness in the air, it was tangible on the ground.’
    • ‘Change is also in the air for the farming industry at the bottom of the food chain.’
    • ‘As soon as we got to Seattle there was a palpable tension in the air.’
    • ‘At most of our shows there is just a good feeling in the air with people having a good time.’
    • ‘It takes the band a couple of songs to hit their flow and as they do you can feel the change in the air.’
    going on, happening, afoot, around, about, abroad, circulating, current, stirring, in circulation, at large, going about, in the wind
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