Meaning of in the bag in English:

in the bag

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  • 1(of something desirable) as good as secured.

    • ‘the election is in the bag’
    • ‘The president, in other words, probably had the 2004 election in the bag all along.’
    • ‘It's as though he just wishes it would go away until the next election is in the bag.’
    • ‘With the election in the bag, he may then be forced to rethink the need for tax rises.’
    • ‘He thought he had their political support and their votes, and therefore the election, in the bag.’
    • ‘This is the arrogance of a government who thinks they've got the election in the bag.’
    • ‘The League Cup is in the bag and the title was secured amid the most emotional of scenes last week at Parkhead that will live long in the memory of those who took part.’
    • ‘But at Gladstone Primary, they're just as confident they've got the trophy in the bag.’
    • ‘This time, with their event in the bag, they can stand aloof.’
    • ‘China steps on to the pitch at the World Cup finals this year with one victory already in the bag.’
    • ‘Typical Wexford, we should have had it in the bag, but we let it slip.’
    • ‘Croydon Athletic must have thought the points were in the bag when they took the lead on eight minutes against lowly Horsham on Saturday.’
    • ‘That said, if Lance repeats yesterday's performance, he's got it in the bag.’
    • ‘Even thought I had the job in the bag, I've decided not to take it.’
    • ‘The fact that today's speech will focus on the need for unity suggests that the chancellor is not one of those who sees a third Labour victory as in the bag.’
    • ‘That final looked in the bag for the visitors out the country but the home team staged a fantastic rally to bring the issue down to the wire.’
    • ‘The job was in the bag as far as Miles - egotistical Miles - was concerned.’
    • ‘With several other clubs waiting in the wings, however, Rovers know there's still some way to go before a deal is formally in the bag.’
    • ‘Johnson is also upset by the talk, mainly by Calzaghe's side, that the Tarver-Calzaghe match is already in the bag.’
    • ‘With promotion in the bag and the Wilkinson Sword Trophy in the cabinet, Reid was still acclaiming a successful season.’
    • ‘However, it would be foolhardy to believe that a deal is in the bag.’
  • 2North American Drunk.

    • ‘after a long night in the pubs, he was in the bag’
    • ‘Because turbulence when you're half in the bag is just as bad as turbulence when you're sober.’
    • ‘No, I think that when I’m that far in the bag some deeper, primeval urge takes over and I am compelled to do inappropriate things.’
    • ‘The same student admitted Sweeney seemed a bit in the bag.’
    • ‘At this point Nick was too far in the bag to continue.’
    • ‘For my delicate sensibilities, I'm halfway in the bag.’
    • ‘I can’t be the only one who blogs when she’s half in the bag, right?’
    • ‘Since the Bruisers played first that day both of them were half in the bag on Bass Ale.’
    • ‘Mike was a soldier who was always more than half in the bag.’
    • ‘Already eight a.m. and she was in the bag.’
    • ‘The story was that, after a long night in the pubs, he was in the bag.’
    • ‘He's also a shy boy, and throughout most of the dinner, he was in the bag.’
    • ‘Once he was in the bag, the King let it slip that some Norwegians might be headed our way trying to invade Scotland.’
    • ‘I don't know if he was half in the bag the way a lot of the waiters seemed to be, or not.’
    • ‘Most of the interviews were done with troops that were half in the bag.’
    • ‘Cluff sounded half in the bag and really did not impress me at all with his monotone delivery.’
    intoxicated, inebriated, drunken, befuddled, incapable, tipsy, the worse for drink, under the influence, maudlin