Meaning of in the box seat in English:

in the box seat


informal Australian, New Zealand
  • In an advantageous position.

    • ‘maybe the Prime Minister thinks he is in the box seat to win the looming election’
    • ‘the Bulls are in the box seat to claim their ninth Shield title’
    • ‘Still, you can't argue about landing in the box seat.’
    • ‘The big win puts the Australians in the box seat to finish second in their pool after Argentina downed Tunisia 2-0.’
    • ‘Now that the Australian public service has, rather gingerly, begun recruiting again, Gen Xers are in the box seat.’
    • ‘His teammates know a win will place them in the box seat for a Tri-Nations title.’
    • ‘He said words to the effect that he wished to keep the matter under review and to keep himself in the box seat, and that is not at all unusual in the case of mortgagees, in my experience.’
    • ‘If fear and loathing reigns, Howard will be in the box seat.’
    • ‘The problem is the Sharks are in the box seat in this situation.’
    • ‘She did not say that Ireland's ambition of a semi-final spot was gone, but pragmatist that she is, it was left unsaid that she felt the Spanish were now in the box seat for a top four place’
    • ‘Middlesbrough were always in the box seat, and could have extended their lead on the counter attack as Wanderers threw more and more players forward.’
    • ‘Wales began the second half with a little more venom, but once again, the Springboks soon found themselves in the box seat.’