Meaning of in the can in English:

in the can

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  • On tape or film and ready to be broadcast or released.

    • ‘all went well, the film was in the can’
    • ‘A director needs a decent film in the can to make another film.’
    • ‘He worked on the set for quite a while, and even got 48 hours of film in the can.’
    • ‘Having two sequels in the can before the first film even opens is risky, though.’
    • ‘The word is that this Chinese shoot-'em-up crime drama has caught the attention of Martin Scorsese and is in the can for an American remake.’
    • ‘Six half-hour programmes should be in the can soon and ready for broadcast by the autumn; the remaining six programmes will be broadcast in the spring next year.’
    • ‘I find it hard to believe that with all that potential footage in the can, all they found useable was 91 minutes worth.’
    • ‘Produced for about the price of a cup of coffee, the film is proof that you don't need Hollywood's backing to get a good movie in the can.’
    • ‘Animation requires a lot of lead time and most of the first season is effectively in the can.’
    • ‘Johnny has probably over 100 songs in the can that have never been released.’
    • ‘There is one project in the can that Anderson is determined to see through.’