Meaning of in the clutch in English:

in the clutch

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informal US
  • At a critical moment.

    • ‘why are some athletes able to perform in the clutch while others choke?’
    • ‘His failings have become clear: not too smart, not too experienced, unimpressive in the clutch.’
    • ‘I don't understand how to buy things; I always choke in the clutch.’
    • ‘Hunte also spoke highly of his two veteran players, Vernon Lewis and Kane Easter, who both came through in the clutch.’
    • ‘I put myself in position a lot and while I haven't come through in the clutch, there have been a lot of positives.’
    • ‘It's not that robots don't bleed, but more that they don't play hurt, or brawl, or choke in the clutch.’
    • ‘I insisted that Barrett belonged on the All-Star team, citing his batting average 'in the clutch' and stellar fielding percentage.’
    • ‘Bryan came through in the clutch when it was needed.’
    • ‘The underdog players will undoubtedly come through in the clutch, and David will fire his slingshot rock square into the forehead of the mighty giant.’
    • ‘But the arrogance that enables him to be such a reliable shooter in the clutch prevents him from countenancing the fact that he's a defensive liability.’
    • ‘Thank you for coming through in the clutch.’