Meaning of in the event that in English:

in the event that

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  • If; should it happen that.

    ‘he planned to start a business, in the event that he lost his job’
    • ‘Parking is not currently an issue for the museum, although in the event that there is an expansion it could become an issue.’
    • ‘I believe that each dancer probably has a reserve of fans that don't normally vote except in the event that there is a danger of being kicked out.’
    • ‘We are confused about how to handle the issue of which child should run the family business in the event that we were to die before they reach adulthood.’
    • ‘The pitchlock system is supposed to prevent the prop from going to flat pitch in the event that all the prop fluid is lost.’
    • ‘Second, make sure you have the proper contact information in the event that there's a problem with your order.’
    • ‘Reserve samples are kept in the event that later testing is required.’
    • ‘The only problem with this method occurs in the event that there actually is an afterlife.’
    • ‘So the purpose of making that note was to cover yourself in the event that there was some dispute as to what was told to the client.’
    • ‘Moreover, there was real doubt as to whether the later trial would go ahead in the event that there were findings of guilt in the first.’
    • ‘Host regulators must act boldly against international banks in the event that there are prudential concerns.’
    on condition that, provided, provided that, providing, providing that, presuming, presuming that, supposing, supposing that, assuming, assuming that, on the assumption that, allowing, allowing that, as long as, given that, with the provision that, with the proviso that, on the understanding that, with the understanding that, if and only if, contingent on, in the event that, allowing that