Meaning of in the face of in English:

in the face of


(also in face of)
  • 1When confronted with.

    ‘her resolution in the face of the enemy’
    • ‘This does not mean that you should do nothing in the face of adversity or confrontation.’
    • ‘While the game is about individuals in the face of confrontation, it is also about partnerships.’
    • ‘As a group they command very little respect, but they must stand firm in the face of any confrontation.’
    • ‘It was a good resolution, but one that failed in the face of a lovely sunny day.’
    • ‘Claremorris were not without chances during this period of play, and a somewhat over elaborate approach was a faulty tactic in face of resolute opposition defending.’
    • ‘Surviving in the face of adversity is a prerequisite for Newfoundland's logging contractors.’
    1. 1.1Despite.
      ‘reform had been introduced in the face of considerable opposition’
      • ‘On the other hand, he's had a successful career despite this and smiled in the face of adversity.’
      • ‘When asked how she keeps going in the face of all her challenges, she smiles quietly.’
      • ‘They are also working to predict future demand in the face of further housing development.’
      • ‘I mean, it is quite a thing to take away a man's job, even in the face of what looks to be gross misconduct.’
      • ‘David Blunkett has achieved much in life in the face of great personal adversity.’
      • ‘People scratched their heads at the time in the face of what seemed an unlikely match.’
      • ‘This is his key argument, but it flies in the face of what most environmentalists probably hold to be true.’
      • ‘I felt kind of sorry for the guy, especially in the face of what I was about to do.’
      • ‘It's a dire time, and pragmatism beats out idealism in the face of what we're all up against.’
      • ‘It's so easy to feel powerless in the face of all this stuff that it's very easy to give up.’
      despite, notwithstanding, regardless of, for all