Meaning of in the field in English:

in the field


  • 1On campaign; (while) engaged in combat or manoeuvres.

    ‘troops in the field’
    • ‘These compelling books illuminate combat at the eyeball level of troops in the field.’
    • ‘Hence it came to mean a temporary encampment of troops in the field without tents and using only locally available shelter.’
    • ‘This and later increases in size were initiated more by military leaders in the field than by central authorities.’
    • ‘I can recall the case of one guardsman in my company who was one of the few who had been promoted in the field during the Falklands campaign.’
    • ‘For example, most of the weapons supplied were no longer in use by armies in the field.’
    • ‘They were ends in that forces were raised, maintained, and deployed in the field in order to fight them.’
    • ‘The cost of maintaining such huge armies in the field would be prohibitive.’
    • ‘Nor do I question the unbelievable sacrifice and honor of our troops in the field.’
    • ‘And just against the troops in the field, or against other countries in his range?’
    • ‘The troops in the field would string us up if we didn't at least give a double thumbs down to some of the meals.’
    1. 1.1Away from the laboratory, office, or studio; engaged in practical work in a natural environment.
      ‘like other vulcanologists, Wright works in the field with active and even erupting volcanoes’
      • ‘Lubricant effectiveness is assessed by bench scale and full scale testing in the laboratory and in the field.’
      • ‘It is not even the live organism held in the hand, caged in the laboratory, or seen in the field.’
      • ‘Dr. Drysdale has made the same observations, both in the field and in his laboratory.’
      • ‘It simply means that it was not tested for resistance in a laboratory or in the field.’
      • ‘Pictures can be saved and analysed either in the field or in the laboratory.’
      • ‘The root mat was examined in the field and in the laboratory in terms of soil micromorphology.’
      • ‘Other shear zones further north can be inferred from maps of Moine, but were not investigated in the field.’
      • ‘Extensive analysis software will be available in the field on handheld devices.’
      • ‘Duplicate water samples were collected in the field, one of which was acidified on site.’
      • ‘The ranges of species which do not co-occur in the field can then be compared directly.’
      practical, hands-on, applied, actual, active, experiential, empirical, in the field, non-theoretical