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in the flesh

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  • In person or (of a thing) in its actual state.

    ‘they decided that they should meet Alexander in the flesh’
    • ‘Reminds me though, I once had a lunch with a blind colleague whom I'd spoken to on the phone a lot but not met in the flesh before.’
    • ‘Not only does he not want journalists to meet people in the flesh, he will actively discourage them from doing any such thing.’
    • ‘At any rate, it turns out that I have recently met another blogger, in the flesh.’
    • ‘The Fan Faire was a rare opportunity for them to meet in the flesh.’
    • ‘What could be better than having the raunchy Anastacia live and in the flesh?’
    • ‘She also knows all the words to his songs, to meet him in the flesh.’
    • ‘I can't banish the thought that people would only be disappointed to meet me in the flesh.’
    • ‘She is a fascinating, beguiling woman who I feel very privileged to have met in the flesh.’
    • ‘There are stacks of people who have e-mailed me or commented over the last year or so who I would love to meet in the flesh.’
    • ‘When he meets her again in the flesh on a car park after a gig he discovers she is in fact a ghost who has been dead for 300 years.’
    • ‘Anyone who met him in the flesh will know what an inspiring character he was.’
    • ‘Some television personalities look more ordinary when you meet them in the flesh.’
    • ‘He knew as much about angels as the next person, but he'd never met one in the flesh, as it were.’
    • ‘The plan is that gamers will have a chance to meet and talk in the flesh, as well as play each other online.’
    • ‘Blackburn Rovers fans can meet one of their heroes in the flesh at a special signing session this afternoon.’
    • ‘It was a splendid reminder of just how great live music is and how much better Quo are in the flesh.’
    • ‘My friends use it, my family use it, there are people I've known for years in the flesh who know me by no other tag.’
    • ‘It's very tough to make real judgments about people if you don't see them in the flesh.’
    • ‘I never saw him in the flesh, but I saw him on the TV on countless occasions.’
    • ‘Then they see me in the flesh and think I have lost too much weight.’
    in person, before one's eyes, in front of one, before one's very eyes, in one's presence
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