Meaning of in the grip of in English:

in the grip of

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  • Dominated or affected by something undesirable or adverse.

    ‘Britain was in the grip of a crime wave’
    • ‘Is it any wonder the country is in the grip of so much appeasement, irrationality and ignorance?’
    • ‘When she returned New Zealand was in the grip of the Depression of the thirties with high unemployment.’
    • ‘Italy has been in the grip of a cold spell for several days, and shortly after the fire began, snow began falling.’
    • ‘The area is in the grip of alcohol, illegal drugs and chronic unemployment.’
    • ‘As the whole nation is in the grip of a grave crisis of credibility, there is a pressing need to prioritize honesty.’
    • ‘The end of the trial, however, has given us an insight into how parts of urban Britain are in the grip of a crimewave the law barely touches.’
    • ‘The clinic is already under extreme pressure because Manchester is in the grip of a syphilis and gonorrhoea outbreak.’
    • ‘By then, that lovely but vulnerable young woman was in the grip of a depression almost too strong to shake.’
    • ‘Bolton is in the grip of a mumps outbreak with more cases diagnosed in the first five months of the year than in the whole of 2004.’
    • ‘Hampshire could be in the grip of a drought in just six weeks' time.’