Meaning of in the gun in English:

in the gun


informal Australian, New Zealand
  • In trouble; likely to attract punishment or blame.

    • ‘don't get caught or we'll all be in the gun’
    • ‘They scared me, so I told the truth and we were all in the gun.’
    • ‘In the gun first are the unemployed; from October unemployed people will be forced into 'community work' for twenty hours a week.’
    • ‘He has been in the gun from the world drugs agency.’
    • ‘The big companies are in the gun at the moment.’
    • ‘The drug companies are in the gun for keeping their research records under lock and key.’
    • ‘What is the point of becoming a volunteer when we're going to be in the gun if things go wrong?’
    • ‘The party is in the gun over bus shelter ads.’
    • ‘Wind farms are in the gun again.’
    • ‘Planning officers were in the gun for a report to councillors on the company's plan to take some airspace to expand its convention centre that left out critical comments.’
    • ‘It was never going to be pretty and it isn't—at least not if you are in the gun for the latest round of job cuts.’