Meaning of in the hope of in English:

in the hope of


  • With the expectation of and desire for.

    ‘they are carrying out surveillance of the area in the hope of catching the culprits’
    • ‘Later that morning he went to the agent's office in the hope of being able to sign an agreement.’
    • ‘They have sweated and mastered all sorts of back-breaking and obscure sports in the hope of bringing home glory.’
    • ‘This latest discovery will allow scientists to build upon this framework of knowledge, in the hope of developing effective treatments in the future.’
    • ‘Although the tomb was shattered and empty, leaders of the team said they will dig on in the hope of finding jewelry, other artifacts, or even the biblical monarch's remains.’
    • ‘Police were hoping to interview him yesterday evening in the hope of getting extra information which could lead them to the offenders.’
    • ‘Hundreds of people who called in the hope of getting tickets for the big occasion have been automatically redirected to Ascot where ticket sales are being handled.’
    • ‘On my days off I would roam about on my bicycle, to peek about in the hopes of seeing Picasso, who lived nearby.’