Meaning of in the moment in English:

in the moment


  • Fully focused on or mentally involved in what one is doing or experiencing.

    ‘the night goes so quickly—you just have to remember to stay in the moment’
    • ‘We're in the public eye and we're living our lives in the moment.’
    • ‘I'm probably too immature, I just want to live in the moment.’
    • ‘Improv is all about living in the moment.’
    • ‘On stage, you're forced to forget about the past and the future; you're forced to exist in the moment.’
    • ‘It was all very exciting and I was all sort of lost in the moment.’
    • ‘I feel sometimes he says things he doesn't mean because he gets caught up in the moment and just gets carried away.’
    • ‘You learn from the past and you live in the moment, but you don't live in the past.’
    • ‘Both of these methods allow our guests the opportunity to thoroughly enjoy themselves, to celebrate and to be in the moment with us.’
    • ‘He's always in the moment, he's always engaged, and he's always connected to the contestants, audience, and viewers at home.’
    • ‘It's been great to be reminded to just be in the moment and enjoy the fact that people are talking about your movie.’