Meaning of in the rough in English:

in the rough


  • 1Without decoration or other treatment; in a natural state.

    ‘a diamond in the rough’
    • ‘Those who made the effort to find the show discovered a true diamond in the rough - a show that captured everything good about improvisational comedy in a pseudo-sitcom format.’
    • ‘And so begins a tale of romance between the lowest of the low and a rich politician who must learn to love this diamond in the rough as she truly is.’
    • ‘No let us not discuss me darling, you are topic of everyone in town, and deserve it completely, for you are the brightest sun and the diamond in the rough of all the unpolished rocks that are the other jewels.’
    • ‘Well, they were kind of picked over, but I found some diamonds in the rough.’
    • ‘Despite those small complaints, I feel this film was an overlooked gem in the rough during its theatrical run, and would make a fine rental or purchase now that it is out on DVD, especially for those readers with children.’
    • ‘Port Royal is a gem in the rough, a fact that the English Royals are quite aware of.’
    • ‘In the presence of greatness, especially in the rough, where honor is often due the sage who stands outside the affairs of the world, every word or action can be persuasive.’
    • ‘Lead may be worked directly, by being hammered or beaten into shape, or indirectly, melted and cast as with bronze, or it may be cast in the rough and then finished by hammering.’
    • ‘But she wants to stay in the rough so I should just leave her that way.’
    • ‘Despite how content some of us may be with Linux in the rough, nontechnical users don't always appreciate the struggle.’
  • 2In difficulties.

    ‘even before the recession hit, the project was in the rough’
    • ‘A group of 10 partners bought the course as a real estate investment in 1988, just in time for the regional real estate market to land in the rough.’
    • ‘The road of his thought was labyrinthine and sometimes ended in the rough of Vietnam or Richard Nixon.’