Meaning of in the round in English:

in the round


  • 1(of sculpture) standing free with all sides shown, rather than carved in relief against a ground.

    ‘Whether in reliefs or figures carved in the round, he achieved dramatic expression of emotion through the intense faces, emphatic gestures, and cascading draperies of his figures.’
    • ‘The turn from relief to sculpture in the round led to radical changes in his work.’
    • ‘Standing just 36 cm high, and carved in the round, the model for the Queen Charlotte's figurehead is a tour de force of the woodcarver's art, although its maker's name is as yet unknown.’
    • ‘They are not sculpture in the round, but the pieces can be viewed from either side.’
    • ‘Also carved in the round is a seated female figure just over one inch in height.’
    1. 1.1Fully and thoroughly; with all aspects shown.
      ‘to understand social phenomena one must see them in the round’
      • ‘The process must be viewed in the round, and not on a pupil by pupil basis, and chambers may well see an advantage in developing close relationships with pupils who plan to practise as employed barristers or to practise overseas.’
      • ‘The question of exceptional circumstances must therefore be considered in the round.’
      • ‘The adjudicator must look at all of the material in the round and see whether he is persuaded of the claim.’
      • ‘But where there is any element of ambiguity the inquiry must look at all relevant facts and circumstances in the round.’
      • ‘However, the person's conduct must also be considered in context and in the round.’
      • ‘His worldly-wise, amused, delicately cynical narrators observe characters in the round, identifying qualities that edify but which are muddied by foibles, peccadilloes, and, once in a while, mortal sins.’
      • ‘The governments in the past have not had much of an appetite for dealing with things in the round.’
      • ‘When taken in the round, then, it is clear that the case for small farms is a strong one, and must be made loudly and persistently if the rural economy is to change for the better.’
      • ‘All the evidence should have been looked at in the round.’
      • ‘Taken in the round, this project has shown that sustainable farming really can work, even in the most hostile conditions.’
  • 2(of a theatrical performance) with the audience placed on at least three sides of the stage.

    ‘Theatre, in the round, is not my favourite venue for an evening's entertainment but, after last night, I begin to realise how effective it can be when it is under control of a man who knows how to handle it to its maximum advantage’
    • ‘The director presented one of the few instances in my life where theatre in the round has succeeded.’
    • ‘The play was done in the company's Bingham Theatre, which is in the round, the hardest kind of space for a stage director to work in.’
    • ‘The opera will be performed in the round, in two acts with an hour-long interval to allow for picnics on the lawn or a stroll through the gardens of the Georgian mansion.’
    • ‘Like most plays, it loses by being presented in the round.’
    • ‘Played in the round and without an interval, it is harrowing but it is also a totally engrossing piece of theatre.’
    • ‘This show would be fun when seated in the round, in a smaller space, with a drink in hand.’
    • ‘Theatre in the round, opera in the park and lunchtime concerts in the workplace are all examples of venues that can transform and regenerate the whole experience of performance.’
    • ‘Because of the vagaries of Irish weather the opera is performed in a five hundred-seater marquee with a central stage, making it opera in the round.’
    • ‘Some of the ballets were designed to be danced in the round, and that is incredible training for a dancer.’