Meaning of in the same breath in English:

in the same breath


(also in the next breath)
  • In the same statement.

    ‘she admitted it but said in the same breath that it was of no consequence’
    • ‘I'd normally go a long way to avoid shows in which words like ‘engineering’ and ‘entertainment’ are used in the same breath.’
    • ‘I only came here so I could be mentioned in the same breath as him during the introductions.’
    • ‘Salzman celebrates and scrutinizes the policy in the same breath.’
    • ‘More often than not, the two were expressed in the same breath.’
    • ‘Take it as a warning sign when no one ever mentions your name without your bud's in the same breath.’
    • ‘Some of you may think it's wrong to talk about God and business in the same breath.’
    • ‘Such photographers are seldom mentioned in the same breath as the kings in the world of photography.’
    • ‘Then, in the next breath, he hints at something darker.’
    • ‘This week's people could promise you the moon, then forget all about it in the next breath.’
    • ‘It's old-fashioned and new-fangled all in the same breath.’