Meaning of in the short term in English:

in the short term

(also in the short run)
(also over the short term)

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  • In the near future.

    ‘in the short term some sacrifices may be made’
    • ‘they will increase output in the short run’
    • ‘You will find that it is possible to reach large numbers of the poor with these measures in the short run, even as you plan for the longer term.’
    • ‘The solutions may cost money in the short run but will save it in the long term.’
    • ‘Are they going to be able to resist the temptation of low prices in the short run in exchange for less innovation in the future?’
    • ‘I'm not really certain of where I'm trying to go in the short run, although I do know where I want it all to end up.’
    • ‘But in the short run, in an economy struggling to generate jobs and income, it's not such good news.’
    • ‘Because the US dollar is the international reserve currency, the Americans can get away with a big deficit in the short run.’
    • ‘Leaving money on deposit is safer in the short run.’
    • ‘And it's very hard to see that improvement is going to come in the short run.’
    • ‘It hurts us in the long run, and it hurts consumers in the short run.’
    • ‘The only difference is that they have an additional duty of brainwashing people in order to make the scheme acceptable to them in the short run.’


  • Over or for a short period of time.

    • ‘these ventures are unlikely to yield much return in the short term’