Meaning of in the wake of in English:

in the wake of


  • Following (someone or something), especially as a consequence.

    ‘the committee was set up in the wake of the inquiry’
    • ‘The film could also lift a tourist industry struggling in the wake of recent international events.’
    • ‘Media hysteria has followed in the wake of all new developments in youth culture.’
    • ‘Scottish education always trailed in the wake of conservative Westminster measures.’
    • ‘It suffered huge losses in the wake of September 11 and its shares have nosedived.’
    • ‘They are obviously capitalising on the generosity of the public in the wake of the tsunami disaster.’
    • ‘Higher interest rates may be on the horizon, but are not expected to arrive speedily in the wake of the Budget.’
    • ‘But now the idea is being taken seriously in the wake of yet more deaths on our rail network.’
    • ‘Goodwin's stand-down came in the wake of an even more ferocious academic scandal.’
    • ‘Conditions on the moors are being monitored throughout the area in the wake of a number of moorland blazes.’
    • ‘Listening to these three albums in the wake of Smith's suicide casts a certain pall on their contents.’
    • ‘The reshuffle of top management came in the wake of its merger and as the group posted a solid set of first half results.’
    • ‘She gave up acting for a year at the very point when she was on the brink of bigger things, in the wake of Almost Famous.’
    • ‘The news comes in the wake of two fatal road accidents in the Swindon area.’
    • ‘The idea was born from the damage done to the local tourist industry in the wake of the foot and mouth disease outbreak.’
    • ‘Within a couple of hours, however, they had changed their tune in the wake of negative feedback.’
    • ‘The incident comes in the wake of widespread calls to restrict the sale of fireworks to members of the public.’
    • ‘After the pension scheme was revalued in the wake of the dotcom bubble, that surplus turned to a deficit.’
    • ‘The news comes in the wake of the club announcing its first new signing, goalkeeper Craig Dootson.’
    • ‘The series comes in the wake of Stephen Poliakoff's drama Friends And Crocodiles.’
    • ‘The review comes in the wake of two profit warnings from the group so far this year.’