Meaning of in the wings in English:

in the wings


  • Ready to do something or to be used at the appropriate time.

    ‘older councillors were replaced by technocrats waiting in the wings’
    • ‘Now he is waiting in the wings again, ready to pounce and deliver for Kildare, if he is called to do so.’
    • ‘There was no moderate force ready in the wings capable of weathering the storm.’
    • ‘Teens love to recycle denim, and we've got a couple of ideas in the wings ready to roll.’
    • ‘It has been confirmed that he has made an informal approach, and is waiting in the wings.’
    • ‘There's always the backlog of books I have in the wings, waiting to be read.’
    • ‘Bolton could have its next chess champion waiting in the wings.’
    • ‘Barclays waits in the wings and has not ruled out a late bid.’
    • ‘It frustrates me because this silences the potential leader that is waiting in the wings.’
    • ‘Is there someone in the wings who, in case you don't run the company, will run the company?’
    • ‘She is now waiting in the wings to make a substantial musical contribution to the Malayalam film industry.’