Meaning of in the works in English:

in the works


  • Being planned, worked on, or produced.

    ‘a major consolidation of companies was in the works’
    • ‘If such a plan is truly in the works, it will have dire consequences for the people of Darfur.’
    • ‘Plans are in the works to build an addition that will double Shaw's occupancy.’
    • ‘Plans are in the works to add a variety of new programming and specialty shows.’
    • ‘Plans are already in the works to begin developing several new trails in the area this summer.’
    • ‘The meeting had lasted over four hours and still no strategy or plan of rescue was in the works.’
    • ‘In addition to the new club in Idaho, plans are in the works for the first sumo club in Texas.’
    under way, going on, ongoing, happening, occurring, taking place, proceeding, being done, being performed, continuing, in operation