Meaning of in this connection in English:

in this connection

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(also in that connection)
  • With reference to the specified matter.

    ‘the local Marine Surveyor should be able to assist in this connection’
    • ‘Five people have been arrested in this connection.’
    • ‘Public lectures, exhibits, school programs, and competitions are among the activities being organised in this connection.’
    • ‘It is preposterous to talk about freedom of speech in this connection; the case cannot be blown up into a great issue of civil liberties.’
    • ‘The police has registered a case in this connection.’
    • ‘Of course, it should be said in this connection that very few new developments happen in vernacular literature to be of interest to the new generation.’
    • ‘The high rate of domestic ownership of pianos in nineteenth century Australia is a significant datum in this connection.’
    • ‘The instance of the electric light may prove illuminating in this connection.’
    • ‘Finally, and in that connection, the best bloggers will gain access to other vehicles through which to present more analytical pieces.’
    • ‘I have had over 200 papers published in the academic journals reporting research in that connection.’
    • ‘Our view is that whatever changes are to be made in that connection should be made on a peaceful basis by both countries.’