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in time

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  • 1Not late; punctual.

    ‘I came back in time for Molly's party’
    • ‘It is thanks to this additional work that phase one of the roadworks is now scheduled to end in time for the Christmas rush.’
    • ‘The organisers of the protest now face a desperate rush over the next month to ensure that they are ready in time for the summit.’
    • ‘The service will be launched at the end of the summer in time for the winter surge, but registration begins next week.’
    • ‘The work will take six months, but should be ready in time for next summer, when the team hope to be on location at Loch Ness.’
    • ‘His overdraft limit has just been raised to £1,250 in time for the start of his second year.’
    • ‘Cultivating a much sharper fielding side in time for 2007 is high on his list.’
    • ‘Her surgeon and trainer both said she would have to drop some 20 kilos in order to heal in time for the Olympics.’
    • ‘It is hoped the repairs and redecoration will be completed by May, well in time for the expected royal visit.’
    • ‘The referee was caught in traffic and did not make it in time for kick-off.’
    • ‘She wanted him to settle down and become a coalman, home in time for tea.’
    early enough, in good time, punctually, promptly, on time, not too late, with time to spare, at the appointed time, at the right time, on schedule
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  • 2Eventually.

    ‘there is the danger that he might, in time, not be able to withstand temptation’
    • ‘Chloe should, in time, give thanks for her deliverance from corporate clutches.’
    • ‘They'll skip it in time, tuning in only to the rage around the resplendence.’
    • ‘The tunes would come in time, but Flowers dealt with the wardrobe issue almost immediately.’
    • ‘One thing we can say about this starting value is that it must be very specially tuned if galaxies are to form in time.’
    • ‘However, it is hoped that the BBC will in time be able to expand its contribution.’
    • ‘Again, they will in time be able to exercise some kind of supervision.’
    eventually, ultimately, finally, in the end, as time goes by, as time goes on, by and by, one day, some day, sooner or later, in a while, after a bit, in the long run, in the fullness of time, when all is said and done, at a later time, at a later date, at length, at a future date, at a future time, at some point in the future, in the future, in time to come, in due course
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  • 3In accordance with the appropriate musical rhythm or tempo.

    ‘A couple of horses grazed nearby, their tails swinging in time to the rhythm.’
    • ‘An articulated lorry pulled up alongside someway in time to the classical music on the radio.’
    • ‘This is one way of ensuring that the music will be played exactly in time.’
    • ‘Powerful drums in time like a metronome lead the way for trashy angular bass lines and wry energetic vocals.’
    • ‘It is likely too that the cost of movies in digital format will reduce in time, according to Cummins.’
    • ‘You can tell because the lamp posts outside are jumping in time to the bass line.’
    • ‘All were well spaced, in time with the music and in tune with each other.’
    • ‘Those razor sharp hips sliced the air as he moved in time to the music.’
    • ‘To release your physical tensions, march in time to the music as you are singing.’
    • ‘Daniel shook his head and began to move my arms backwards and forwards, in time with the music.’