Meaning of in token of in English:

in token of


  • As a sign or symbol of.

    ‘adults exchanging drinks around a pub bar in token of temporary friendship’
    • ‘He was joined by disciples, the first members of the Franciscan order for which he drew up the rule in 1209, the principal characteristic of which was humility, in token of which they called themselves ‘Friari Minori’.’
    • ‘All the performers wore cloth caps, in token of the proletarian poet whose doggerel verses about the Tay Bridge and its collapse in 1879 provided the work's text.’
    • ‘On Wednesday, in token of their appreciation of his courtesy, the passengers on the Great Lever car subscribed for and presented to him a handsome clock.’
    • ‘Her last gift to him was the Adam's apple which was placed in his throat in token of their relationship.’
    • ‘The fellow was truly smitten, since he risked his job to give Carolyn a smidgen of moon dust in token of his adoration.’
    • ‘Every Mongol house in the region has a pair of three-pronged spears planted in the ground in front of the door, in token of the honor Genghis Khan paid the local warriors 700 years ago when he chose them to form his household guard.’
    • ‘When a defeated combatant pats or hits the floor in token of submission, the victor must at once let go his hold.’
    • ‘Three seconds later I was compelled to pat the floor in token of surrender.’
    • ‘We walked down Bostock Street, where practically every blind was drawn in token of a death.’
    • ‘Later traditions say that Arthur and the Knights sat at a Round Table in token of their equality.’